Hibiki Shiina [Sleepless Cinderella PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Hibiki Shiina

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: First impression

I don’t remember last night.

Chapter 2: Prince of music

Sorry for taking so long.
Smile at him.

Chapter 3: Who needs love ?

Wait for him to come closer.

Chapter 4: One step forward

Your performance was wonderful.
Tell her you’re a reporter.

Chapter 5: His passion

Your package came.
Call out to him.

Chapter 6: A ray of light

Thirteen pieces of cake.

Chapter 7: Dancing fingertips

I’m looking forward to it, too !
They’re all too expensive.

Chapter 8: Pride

I heard all I needed to.
Tell him you have pride.

Chapter 9: First love


Chapter 10: Work and romance

You’re lying.
Start cleaning up.

Chapter 11: The music capital

Hibiki ..?

Chapter 12: New possibilities

Thank you.
It was wonderful.

Chapter 13: Salt in the wound

I trust him.
You don’t believe me.

Chapter 14: The truth discovered

I didn’t see anything.
No they wouldn’t !

Happy end (Default) & Super Happy end (+42000TF) & Secret end (+42000TF / 80 Chemistry)


ICON - Hibiki

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