Kenichiro Kamijo [Office Lover 2]

PERSO - Kenichiro

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Hopeless maze and light

1.03: I’ve already recovered !
1.08: Does it suit me ?
1.14: I won’t look back anymore.

Chapter 2: The light illuminating you

2.01: Nothing.
2.07: I won’t run away anymore.
2.12: That’s because I want to create something good.

Chapter 3: Murmuring heart

3.01: I’d like to give it a try.
3.06: I’m happy that you came.
3.11: Sorry for being so brazen.

Chapter 4: Tell me what is called this feeling

4.01: I’m kind of embarrassed.
4.08: I don’t like it.
4.12: I think I understand.

Chapter 5: Destination of love ..

5.04: I’ll do my best to ensure that doesn’t happen.
5.08: Yes.
5.13: Am I allowed to say that I want to know about them ?

Chapter 6 : A love not moving forward ..

6.05: Thank you.
6.09: I don’t know.
6.13: I’m fine !

Chapter 7: I can’t be your boss anymore ..

7.05: I can’t think about that right now.
7.10: .. Yeah.
7.13: If it’s about work, we can talk about it at the office.

Chapter 8: A wet and hot night

8.03: Age has nothing to do with it.
8.08: I can’t keep my composure any longer ..
8.13: It just feels like a dream.

Chapter 9: In order to be by your side

9.04: I think you’re right.
9.08: Kenichiro, am I naughty ?
9.11: I’m so happy !

Chapter 10: Maturity .. A love turning point ?!

10.04: Those words are all I need to hear.
10.09: Tell me what you were thinking, Ms. Tabe.
10.14: If you think of any requests, tell me.

Chapter 11: Thank you, my dearest love

11.03: That’s true. Sorry ..
11.08: It’s thanks to you, Kenichiro.
11.12: I’ll go with you.

Overseas end (+160pts) & Japan end (+160pts)


ICON - Kenichiro

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