Ritsu Tachibana [Office Lover 2]

PERSO - Ritsu

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: The man called “Mr. Tachibana”

1.05: I remain silent.
1.09: I was nervous ..
1.12: That is my job.

Chapter 2: A fair relationship

2.05: I feel bewildered.
2.08: It’s because he does such strange things.
2.15: He has reasons ?

Chapter 3: The hidden meaning behind words

3.04: It’s a very .. unique drawing, isn’t it ?
3.07: That’s because I’m not drunk.
3.15: I want to give it a try.

Chapter 4: A faded world

4.02: I’m not.
4.09: Thank you, as always.
4.14: I’m fine.

Chapter 5: Then, you fall in love

5.03: Waffle.
5.06: I’ve wanted to buy some ..
5.14: Sometimes I almost think I hate it.

Chapter 6: If it’s something that has meaning

6.03: I was wondering if Mr. Tachibana has a girlfriend.
6.10: I’ll do my best.
6.13: Stay silent.

Chapter 7: The distance closing in, brings passion with it

7.04: I’m fine now.
7.08: I thought you had gone home.
7.13: Has the misunderstanding been cleared up ?

Chapter 8: The thing about liking someone ..

8.03: I can wait.
8.10: I won’t be deceived.
8.15: I’m going to talk to Mr. Tachibana.

Chapter 9: Truth and lies

9.01: I understand.
9.07: It sounds like a wonderful family.
9.11: What do you mean by that ?

Chapter 10: With each own’s thoughts

10.03: Me too.
10.06: That’s dangerous !
10.13: They’re all good. I don’t know what to choose.

Chapter 11: Our future

11.01: Mentally .. Yes.
11.08: No, don’t apologize.
11.11: Try to cover it up.

Overseas end (+160pts) & Japan end (+160pts)


ICON - Ritsu

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