Haruto Natsume [Office Lover 2]

PERSO - Haruto

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Senior and junior coworkers

1.05: Stay calm.
1.10: Reprimand Haruto.
1.14: Eat it with him.

Chapter 2: If I’m with you, I can be myself

2.04: Agree without hesitating.
2.08: Observe the looks on everyone’s faces.
2.14: Put it on quickly.

Chapter 3: The courage to break out of one’s shell

3.05: Stare at them.
3.10: Feel nervous.
3.13: Don’t say anything.

Chapter 4: The bewildering amusement park

4.03: Stay calm.
4.09: Who says that about themselves ?
4.13: Try to cover his eyes.

Chapter 5: The closer it becomes, the closer it gets

5.05: Deny the rumors.
5.10: I’ll help.
5.15: Shake head.

Chapter 6: Uncommenced love

6.04: Apologize.
6.10: Thank him.
6.13: Don’t say anything.

Chapter 7: The dean’s lister breaks free

7.05: Thank him for being happy.
7.10: You think it’s a lie.
7.13: Accept it.

Chapter 8: A careless use of magic

8.05: Ride the Go-Karts.
8.10: Embrace him.
8.15: Decline.

Chapter 9: A worthy me

9.04: Apologize.
9.09: That’s not true.
9.13: I won’t forget.

Chapter 10: Awakening the prince

10.05: Act like normal.
10.10: Make a joke.
10.15: Make conversation for everyone.

Chapter 11: Proof of magic

11.05: Speak out.
11.08: Really love Haruto.
11.14: I present my foot.

Overseas end (+160pts) & Japan end (+160pts)


ICON - Haruto

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