Toma Kira [Several Shades Of Sadism]

PERSO - Toma

Invitation code: MdKRyC

Chapter 1: Impossible order

1.03: I apologize for my mistake.
1.08: I wasn’t planning on ..

Chapter 2: A strange request

2.03: .. I will, sir.
2.10: Is it ..? I’m sorry.

Chapter 3: Feeling of unease

3.04: I don’t know which one suit me.
3.10: Chase after him.

Chapter 4: Innocent sleep

4.03: Is there anything else I can help you with ?
4.07: You should probably get some rest now ..

Chapter 5: Premonition

5.03: I’m really glad to hear it !
5.08: Forget me, what about you ?

Chapter 6: Distressing distance

6.04: Good morning.
6.09: You have to take a break.

Chapter 7: Righteousness and dreams

7.04: I’ll call for a taxi.
7.08: ou go back ahead of me.

Chapter 8: His secrets

8.03: I didn’t mean to ..
8.09: I’m sorry ..

Chapter 9: Intentions and reasons

9.03: Do you have any request for me today ?
9.08: Admit your feelings.

Chapter 10: Invisible kindness

10.04: He really is a kind person.
10.07: Say it’s not a date.

Chapter 11: Deep bonds

11.04: Don’t speak.
11.09: I’m just really happy.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+100pts)


ICON - Toma

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