Chiaki Kira [Several Shades Of Sadism]

PERSO - Chiaki

Invitation code: MdKRyC

Chapter 1: Ruthless dictator

1.02: Don’t give up.
1.10: Press against his chest.

Chapter 2: An ideal boss ?

2.02:Don’t tease me.
2.08: I’m sorry.

Chapter 3: Father and son

3.04: Right.
3.08: Say his name.

Chapter 4: Closing distance

4.01: It’s your fault.
4.09: I know.

Chapter 5: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

5.05: That’s right.
5.07: All right.

Chapter 6: Mountains out of molehills

6.01: Let me stay by your side.
6.09: I just felt like it.

Chapter 7: Growing emotions

7.03: Look away.
7.08: That’s not true !

Chapter 8: Late night visitors

8.02: Apologize.
8.05: All right.

Chapter 9: Lies and determination

9.03: What’re you doing ?!
9.09: Stay silent.

Chapter 10: The morning after

10.04: Thank you.
10.09: We’re completely different.

Chapter 11: Terms of freedom

11.05: Let out a nervous laugh.
11.09: I’m sorry.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+100pts)


ICON - Chiaki

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