Suwa Shinobu [Sweet Scandal Returns]

PERSO - Suwa

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: A reluctant partner

1.05: Suddenly find my voice and call out to him.
1.10: Contact Shinobu’s handler.
1.14: Do what he says.

Chapter 2: Troubles are the beginning of love

2.04: Answer the door in his place.
2.09: Hurry and get your things together.
2.15: Go outside to check.

Chapter 3: Love coming with a storm

3.04: Remain quiet.
3.09: Work hard on my coverage of him.
3.14: Wonder what Shinobu is doing.

Chapter 4: Changing distance

4.03: Run closer.
4.10: I’ll be coming.
4.13: Shinobu ..

Chapter 5: Love is out of control ?!

5.04: Talk to Shinobu.
5.06: All right.
5.14: Don’t give up and keep talking.

Chapter 6: Teach me the taste of a kiss

6.04: Even so, I want to get on the boat.
6.09: Become speechless.
6.12: No ..

Chapter 7: Ephemeral love

7.04: I don’t want to forget about him ..
7.10: This is how it should be.
7.14: It’s all thanks to you.

Chapter 8: Respective battles

8.04: How are you feeling ?
8.09: That’s what I’ll do.
8.13: Feel confident.

Chapter 9: Wishing for happiness

9.05: Let’s work hard on this article.
9.09: I understand ..
9.13: I’m going to write a great article.

Chapter 10: Because of you ..

10.05: I worked hard on this !
10.09: You’ll win.
10.11: Look Shinobu in the eye.

Chapter 11: Overwhelmed with passion

11.05: Tell him you’re waiting.
11.09: I love you, too.
11.15: He is my boyfriend.

Normal end (Default) & Good end (+160) & Happy end (+200pts)


ICON - Suwa

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