Horai Itsuki [Sweet Scandal Returns]

PERSO - Horai

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Drop the target !

1.04: I hope you find her.
1.09: You’re very perceptive.
1.14: It’s cute.

Chapter 2: Dream collaboration and cover closely !

2.04: However you’d like it, Mr. Horai.
2.09: Then, I’ll go ahead.
2.12: It’s nice and warm.

Chapter 3: Overlapping figure

3.03: S-sorry ..
3.06: That’s mean, Mr. Horai ..
3.14: Still, it’s nice of them to say it.

Chapter 4: Shaking thoughts, fading memories

4.03: Because you taught me.
4.08: I’ve never even thought about it.
4.11: Squeeze back.

Chapter 5: What I am thinking right now

5.02: Thank you.
5.08: I’m embarrassed.
5.15: Please go.

Chapter 6: Words I couldn’t say until now

6.04: Don’t let go ..
6.09: Go straight home.
6.13: It’s very comforting.

Chapter 7: I was looking only for you

7.05: I’m sorry !
7.08: Just wait, it won’t take long.
7.11: Don’t !

Chapter 8: Two cameramen

8.05: Hug him.
8.07: I’m worried.
8.14: I’m worried about you too.

Chapter 9: A step forward

9.01: Yes, I’m ok.
9.09: Are you jealous ?
9.13: I want to be with you too.

Chapter 10: What must be protected

10.02: Cheer up !
10.08: Please contact me if anything happens.
10.14: Actually, I’m happy.

Chapter 11: What’s beyond my choice

11.04: It was great !
11.08: That’s what I want too.
11.14: I’ll be watching from nearby.

Normal end (Default) & Good end (+160pts) & Happy end (+200pts)


ICON - Horai

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