Misato Yusuke [Sweet Scandal Returns]

PERSO - Misato

Invitation code: I have none.

I think this walkthrough is partially or even completely obsolete. At the beginning of this route, it’s said that a few changes was made about CGs (and route ? I can’t remember) but I didn’t see any changes in the CGs .. But by following this walkthrough, you won’t be able to have the happy end (I think it was 25 pts short without spinning the gacha) I’m currently thinking of ways to remake this walkthrough, please wait a little more.

Chapter 1: Impossible to cover him ?!

1.04: Apologize.
1.06: Well, what should I do ..
1.13: It’s me ..

Chapter 2: This is my secret weapon

2.02: Call out his name.
2.09: Not at all.
2.13: Of course.

Chapter 3: Getting closer, a threatening shadow

3.05: D-delete it !
3.07: What do you mean by mistaken ?
3.11: I’m only just getting started.

Chapter 4: Meeting again, feeling of love

4.04: Thanks for coming to meet me.
4.08: He’s like a brother to me.
4.15: I’m going home.

Chapter 5: Touching lips, unforgettable warmth

5.02: Whose fault ..?
5.09: How are you doing ?
5.13: Please give him some water !

Chapter 6: No words for this feeling

6.03: I’ll buy it by myself.
6.08: It’s about to begin !
6.14: ..!

Chapter 7: Shared thoughts

7.01: I thought it was a good article.
7.09: Sorry ..
7.14: .. Yes.

Chapter 8: Connected hearts

8.04: Congratulation on winning.
8.09: Kiss on his lips.
8.13: Do you want me to ?

Chapter 9: Fake truth

9.04: Just today ?
9.06: You don’t need to care about it.
9.15: Stare in silence.

Chapter 10: When truth is revealed

10.04: I wish I could have met him.
10.10: Tell him the truth.
10.15: Wipe his tears.

Chapter 11: What’s beyond the answer

11.05: I hope it will happen.
11.07: All of you.
11.11: I’ll be right there.

Normal end (Default) & Good end (+160pts) & Happy end (+200pts)


ICON - Misato

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