Yoshioka Shintaro [Sweet Scandal Returns]

PERSO - Yoshioka

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: A tough guard

1.04: It’s my job to make you interesting.
1.08: You’re so Japanese.
1.14: I’m interested in kendo.

Chapter 2: So much rivals ?!

2.02: But ..
2.08: That’s amazing.
2.14: It’s exciting, right ?

Chapter 3: Getting close and pounding heart

3.04: You noticed quickly.
3.07: But you seem so popular.
3.13: I was also interested in you.

Chapter 4: Complicated feelings

4.03: Should I turn on the TV ?
4.09: I’m not angry.
4.12: I’m sorry for making you do this.

Chapter 5: Shaking heart

5.04: I’ll cheer for both of you.
5.09: If you say so.
5.13: Are you feeling down ?

Chapter 6: To get stronger

6.04: You really like him, don’t you ?
6.07: What are you saying ?!
6.13: Age has nothing to do with it.

Chapter 7: Close hearts, frustrating distance

7.01: If you want to.
7.09: I’m sorry, too.
7.13: If it’s Shintaro, then it’s ok.

Chapter 8: Vanishing apprehension

8.04: What do you think I was doing ?
8.07: I’m glad I could see another side of you.
8.13: I hadn’t realized.

Chapter 9: What I want to protect

9.04: I was worried about you.
9.08: I’m a student of this dojo, after all.
9.14: There’s no way I’d tell you !

Chapter 10: Holding you tonight

10.03: Yes ..
10.07: Ok.
10.11: Because you’re so nervous.

Chapter 11: I’m waiting for you

11.04: I’m so anxious that it’s crushing me.
11.07: Of course I don’t.
11.14: I won’t let you have him !

Normal (Default) & Good end (+160pts) & Happy end (+200pts)


ICON - Yoshioka

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