Amasawa Kaito [Sweet Scandal Returns]

PERSO - Kaito

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Premonition of storm

1.04: I can’t do that.
1.09: Listen seriously.
1.14: I’m not used to this kitchen.

Chapter 2: His real face

2.05: For the time being, look for him.
2.10: Ask him.
2.15: No, I won’t stop.

Chapter 3: Heart’s voice

3.04: Tell Yui off.
3.06: Stroke his back.
3.11: Let me think a second.

Chapter 4: Drag Heaven down

4.02: Yes, I’m coming.
4.07: I want to believe it’s not a joke.
4.14: See you in a few days.

Chapter 5: Love

5.05: Watch him intently.
5.08: Hide your neck in your hand.
5.11: I don’t have a change of clothes.

Chapter 6: Men and women

6.03: Shake your head.
6.10: I would never betray you.
6.15: Tell him you also trust him.

Chapter 7: Waning moon

7.04: You want more of him.
7.08: Verify what she says.
7.13: It’s not me !

Chapter 8: Evidence

8.04: You’ll do your best too.
8.07: Rush over.
8.12: Do you still love her ?

Chapter 9: Wounded heart

9.05: I only wanted to see him.
9.08: Say nothing.
9.15: Does it bother you ?

Chapter 10: Theory of happiness

10.05: Be grateful.
10.10: Think hard.
10.12: Nothing.

Chapter 11: Tower

11.05: I see.
11.12: Walk next to him.

Normal end (Default) & Good end (+160pts) & Happy end (+200pts)


ICON - Kaito

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