Takeomi Shiina [Rental Boyfriends]

PERSO - Takeomi

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: An adult man and, a passing longing

1.03: Are you driving me home ?
1.07: Is it alright for me to ?
1.13: It's nothing !

Chapter 2: The owner's spirit

2.03: Apologize again.
2.08: Take a deep breath.
2.12: Sigh quietly.

Chapter 3: Love also, work also

3.04: Wrong ..?
3.07: I'll go ask the people I came here with.
3.14: Camaraderie sure is great.

Chapter 4: Tonight is for you only

4.02: Everyone helps me.
4.08: But I also like manly restaurants.
4.14: I feel really good.

Chapter 5: An adult's possessiveness

5.03: That's ridiculous !
5.09: Yes.
5.14: Bring it on.

Chapter 6: So close and yet so far

6.04: Do you need something ?
6.08: Ignore him.
6.12: I don't mean to give him a hard time.

Chapter 7: The kiss of truth

7.03: In love ? Eew ! Never !
7.06: Looking down and returning to your desk.
7.14: Stay quiet and see what happens.

Chapter 8: This feeling which cannot be suppressed

8.04: You're so cool.
8.08: Go blank.
8.12: Look at him in shock.

Chapter 9: I want to be yours

9.03: Why are you smiling ?
9.09: Solftly touch his fingers.
9.15: Stare at him.

Chapter 10: The crossroad of fate

10.04: Tell him "Gee, what should I do ?"
10.08: We'll make it work.
10.14: Smile and say hi.

Chapter 11: My happiness, your happiness

11.01: He'll understand.
11.06: Gaze into his eyes.
11.13: Squeeze Takeomi's hand.

Fulfilling ending (+160pts) & Wishful ending (+160pts)


ICON - Takeomi

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