Taisuke Nadauchi [Rental Boyfriends]

PERSO - Taisuke

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Oil and water, like poles repel

1.03: I’d be a sad excuse of a woman if I backed off now.
1.07: Mr. Nadauchi helped me.
1.13: I don’t like lying.

Chapter 2: Your only boyfriend for today

2.04: ..
2.07: Are you ok with asking me ?
2.14: This is how I honestly feel.

Chapter 3: His dreams, his thoughts

3.01: I wanna hang out more.
3.09: I was swooning a little.
3.11: Ok !

Chapter 4: The exciting reason

4.04: I trust you.
4.06: I’d be rooting for you.
4.12: Are you nervous ?

Chapter 5: An unexpected reunion

5.03: I was right. You are good at taking care of people ..
5.07: Sorry.
5.15: It wasn’t a date !

Chapter 6: Feelings I cannot say

6.03: Jealous ..?
6.08: It’s embarrassing ..
6.13: I still have a long way to go.

Chapter 7: Destined partners

7.02: What a relief.
7.12: By the power of love ?
7.14: Thanks for thinking of me.

Chapter 8: A night of mutual understanding

8.01: Yes ! I’d love to !
8.08: I’m sorry.
8.11: I hope you keep catching me every time I leave.

Chapter 9: I want to be your strength

9.04: That makes me very happy.
9.08: Of course you can.
9.13: I’ll give you as much power as you need.

Chapter 10: The distance between two hearts

10.04: Don’t worry about it.
10.06: Don’t ork too hard ?
10.12: You mean today ?

Chapter 11: Our definition of Happiness

11.04: Yes, of course.
11.07: I can’t imagine myself with anyone other than you.
11.13: I’ll be ok.

Fulfilling ending (+160pts) & Wishful ending (+160pts)


ICON - Taisuke

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