Etsuya Tomihara [Rental Boyfriends]

PERSO - Etsuya

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: A sweet and gentele, mature man

1.01: Sounds like a soap opera.
1.07: You’re just like a prince.
1.11: I’d hate to impose; it’s so late.

Chapter 2: Tell me the reason for this gentleness

2.03: I’m really glad !
2.08: I wanted some fresh air.
2.14: I don’t want to take you seriously.

Chapter 3: Emotions that’ve begun to grow

3.03: Why are you bringing that up ?
3.06: Ok ..
3.10: Fine, take it as you like.

Chapter 4: The prince’s true feelings

4.01: I get to see Etsuya.
4.08: I was thinking about you.
4.12: I’m worried about your restaurant.

Chapter 5: I want to touch you, but ..

5.03: I understand.
5.10: Why ..
5.13: I mean, I like to watch you being a photographer !

Chapter 6: Your special presence

6.01: Yes ..
6.06: Go there.
6.14: But that’s pretty unlikely, you know.

Chapter 7: A first time with you

7.01: Thank you.
7.11: Sorry. I was being presumptuous.
7.15: Sure, just a little.

Chapter 8: Too much happiness

8.04: I just wish I could be ready faster.
8.06: I’ll never make you lonely again.
8.12: It’s work-related, right ?

Chapter 9: Love and distortions

9.03: Ok.
9.06: Etsuya ?
9.13: Yes ..

Chapter 10: Hand in hand, wherever we may be

10.02: Ok. I understand.
10.09: I’ll be there.
10.13: Beg.

Chapter 11: Then, to the new place where I belong

11.01: Be cautious.
11.07: I’m sorry.

Fulfilling ending (+160pts) & Wishful ending (+160pts)


ICON - Etsuya

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