Aito Hozumi [Rental Boyfriends]

PERSO - Aito

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Welcome, to this enchanting dreamworld

1.03: True, I’ve never used this kind of service before ..
1.07: I’ll help.
1.12: A little.

Chapter 2: An unknown world, an unknown charm

2.04: Ask what’s trending.
2.07: I think I know what you mean.
2.15: I’d love to.

Chapter 3: A heart throbbing love training ?!

3.04: Right now ?
3.07: Coffee really suits you.
3.14: Tell him.

Chapter 4: Hidden passion

4.03: Did you already memorize it ?
4.08: I’m having fun, too.
4.14: I can’t take my eyes off him.

Chapter 5: A beat that tells of love

5.02: It’s not a coincidence.
5.06: Ask him anyways.
5.12: I’m not sure you’re right.

Chapter 6: The door to one’s dream

6.02: Is that really the case ?
6.10: Feel pain in your chest.
6.15: Stay quiet.

Chapter 7: Love’s bitter taste

7.01: I should give it to Aito.
7.09: Tell me his address.
7.12: Say “I’m coming up with you.”

Chapter 8: The story goes along with the fragrance of coffee

8.05: I’ve wanted to for a very long time.
8.08: I can’t be a part of this.
8.13: Why ?

Chapter 9: A first experience

9.03: I’m not ready ..
9.09: I guess you’re right.
9.13: Please calm down.

Chapter 10: Tonight, to a real lover ..

10.02: Because his family is rich ?
10.08: (I believe in him.)
10.14: I’m not crying.

Chapter 11: Grasping love and choices by two people

11.03: You’re right.
11.07: Ok.
11.13: Ok ..

Fulfilling ending (+160pts) & Wishful ending (+160pts)


ICON - Aito

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