Kousei Akiyoshi [Office Lover 2]

PERSO - Kousei

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: The inspiration .. Was right there all along.

1.04: No, I went.
1.08: Are you teasing me ?
1.13: If you really mean it, I’m happy.

Chapter 2: The unthinkable opportunity

2.04: I want you to be the director, Kousei.
2.08: What are you saying ?!
2.15: Face him and ask.

Chapter 3: Not knowing about love

3.04: That’s not it ..
3.10: If I can, I want to.
3.14: It’s not that I don’t like it, but ..

Chapter 4: Be not afraid of change

4.03: I like it.
4.09: I’m curious.
4.14: Become flustered.

Chapter 5: Sending out all of one’s strength

5.05: I believe in Kousei.
5.08: What if I did ?
5.13: I want to thank you.

Chapter 6: Unfaded within my memories

6.04: You’re not hurt are you ?!
6.10: A love story.
6.13: Why ..?

Chapter 7: Overlying thoughts

7.04: I’m so embarassed.
7.08: Let’s cook together.
7.15: I agree that you’re very handsome.

Chapter 8: A dream, in order to achieve

8.03: Let’s do our best, together.
8.08: I’ll kiss you.
8.13: Thanks

Chapter 9: Love entwined

9.02: I love Kousei.
9.08: You’re the only one for me, Kousei.
9.14: Worry about him.

Chapter 10: A triangle of illusion

10.04: Look at Kousei.
10.09: Someone might come .
10.13: A fair and square match.

Chapter 11: For the sake of fulfilling a dream

11.04: I want to tell you in person.
11.09: There’s only Kousei for me.
11.12: I want to spend time with you.

Overseas end (+160pts) & Japan end (+160pts)


ICON - Kousei

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