Yushin Kuze [Decoding Desire]

PERSO - Yushin

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Confused by one’s own pace

1.03: I’ll do that.
1.07: I now know what I must do.
1.13: I’ll win your approval.

Chapter 2: My name is ..

2.03: He is absolutely right.
2.06: He should pay attention to his surroundings.
2.11: I’m alright.

Chapter 3: An unanticipated reaction

3.03: There are all kinds of people.
3.06: Is it bad ?
3.12: Hey don’t answer like that !

Chapter 4: The warmth of a bed

4.01: Help him to the bed.
4.06: Good job.
4.13: Take the cup amicably.

Chapter 5: A multitude of muddled thoughts

5.02: He was like a friend.
5.06: I ask Mr. Kuze.
5.14: I’m just flabbergasted.

Chapter 6: Kissing caramel

6.04: Why are you so angry ?
6.09: Just taking a break.
6.14: From now ?

Chapter 7: 128√e980

7.04: Call out to Mr. Kuze.
7.07: No, he doesn’t.
7.11: It’s not good.

Chapter 8: Sweet words

8.04: I call his name.
8.10: What are you thinking ?!
8.12: Why are you enjoying it so much ?

Chapter 9: Happy times

9.04: Kiss his cheek.
9.07: I understand.
9.14: I complain.

Chapter 10: The sound of footsteps approaching ..

10.01: I believe you.
10.09: Askabout the data chip.
10.11: Are they connected to FSC ?

Chapter 11: The most important thing

11.04: Alright.
11.08: Then don’t let me go again.
11.09: It’s not dangerous, is it ?

Ever After end (+165pts) & On The Morrow end (+165pts)


ICON - Yushin

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