Kento Orihama [Decoding Desire]

PERSO - Kento

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Fabricated love

1.02: I can’t say anything yet ..
1.08: Do you like cookies ?
1.14: You always seem so lonely.

Chapter 2: One step closer to you

2.02: I think you’re wrong.
2.08: I’ll make friends with him all over again.
2.12: What do you think ?

Chapter 3: An irresistible urge

3.04: (It might be better not to say.)
3.07: Let’s seriously enjoy this.
3.11: No, thank you.

Chapter 4: An experimental kiss

4.02: Mr. Orihama, aren’t you ..
4.06: Do you have to go that far ?
4.15: Does it look that way ?

Chapter 5: A broken heart

5.05: Me, neither.
5.10: Then, please act like normal.
5.15: May I come closer ?

Chapter 6: If it’s that you want

6.05: Thank you.
6.08: No, it isn’t.
6.13: I can tell by looking.

Chapter 7: You’re my hapiness

7.02: Aren’t you hungry ..?
7.10: That’s mean ..
7.14: About Mr. Orihama, I’m a bit ..

Chapter 8: Stay by my side

8.02: SStop it.
8.09: That made me happy.
8.14: Leave it to Mr. Orihama.

Chapter 9: You’re all mine

9.04: That’s mean.
9.08: You haven’t had enough yet ?
9.12: Perhaps I should start.

Chapter 10: The porcupine’s dilemma

10.04: What do you want me to do ?
10.09: I’ve come to ask the truth.
10.11: You’ve changed.

Chapter 11: Here on out with you

11.02: Because people aren’t perfect.
11.06: I have only one answer.
11.12: Squeeze back.

Ever After end (+165pts) & On The Morrow end (+165pts)


ICON - Kento

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