Tsukishima Takeru [My Sweet Proposal]

PERSO - Tsukishima

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Lame destiny and exquisite encounter

1.03: I should probably apologize.
1.08: “Why did you want to see me again ?”
1.12: “… Please don’t involve me in this.”

Chapter 2: A heart shaked by suspicion

2.05: “I’m going home !”
2.08: (So he’s riding off his brother’s success ..?)
2.12: “Is it always like that ?”

Chapter 3: The darkness hidden behind the light

3.03: “What do you mean ?”
3.08: “Why me ?”
3.14: “I thought it was amazing.”

Chapter 4: The sign of the real start

4.02: “I could say the same about you.”
4.10: “We need to apologize to each other.”
4.12: “Mr. Tsukishima.”

Chapter 5: First workplace experience

5.03: “Me ?!”
5.06: “You’re also one of us.”
5.13: “What are you saying ?”

Chapter 6: In passion

6.04: “Are there other things you want to ask ?”
6.08: “I hope that Takeru will come to understand your feelings.”
6.11: “Were you waiting the whole time ?”

Chapter 7: Sweet time, sweet trap

7.05: “Is that okay ?”
7.07: “Of course I am !”
7.14: I don’t believe it.

Chapter 8: A glittering and dark world

8.02: “I’m sorry.”
8.09: “He’s not playing me.”
8.12/ “I’m glad we met.”

Chapter 9: Return to zero again

9.01: I’m sorry.
9.06: “Because you’re so defenseless.”
9.14: “I have something important to say.”

Chapter 10: The past and ..

10.04: “Yeah !”
10.09: Yell out.
10.12: Someone will come and save me.

Chapter 11: I’ll fall in love with you again and again

11.01: “How did you know where I was ?”
11.09: “I’m partially at fault.”
11.15: Go to see the play.

Normal end (Default) & True end (+160pts) & Proposal end (+200pts)


ICON - Tsukishima

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