Tokito Shinya [My Sweet Proposal]

PERSO - Tokito

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Return of the competent boss

1.05: Welcome back.
1.08: Protest.
1.13: It’s a bit unexpected.

Chapter 2: A glimpse of the real him

2.01: Thanks Shinya silently.
2.06: For the time being, sit up.
2.15: I’ve lost my card case.

Chapter 3: The missing part

3.03: Look at Shinya.
3.07: Does it look like that ?
3.11: Go and buy a coffee.

Chapter 4: An unrequited longing

4.02: Send it by post.
4.06: I don’t know.
4.14: Good morning.

Chapter 5: So close and yet so far

5.02: Confirm it with your own eyes.
5.07: That would be a shock.
5.12: Cafe au lait.

Chapter 6: Warmness of a touch

6.01: Wait for the power to come back on.
6.09: Please get some sleep !
6.13: Japanese food.

Chapter 7: A binded heart

7.04: Why ?
7.09: Because you thought that you weren’t suited for it.
7.12: Turn away.

Chapter 8: Happiness acquired

8.04: Consult with Shinya.
8.10: You’re so mean.
8.13: Are you jealous ?

Chapter 9: Two in isolation

9.02: Wait silently.
9.06: I’m lonely.
9.14: It’s because I don’t want to be in his way.

Chapter 10: A mutually supportive relationship

10.02: Sorry for not being able to do anything.
10.07: Are you angry ?
10.12: It’s because you were able to convey your feelings.

Chapter 11: Now, a happy holiday

11.04: Bocca della Verita
11.10: Poseidon
11.14: I’ll get ready straight away !

Normal end (Default) & True end (+160pts) & Proposal end (+200pts)


ICON - Tokito

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