Todo Masaya Season 2 [My Sweet Proposal]

PERSO - Todo

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Love continues ..

1.02: You couldn’t wait now could you ?
1.09: He just isn’t sure what to feel.
1.14: I’m jealous of Masaya.

Chapter 2 Love differs ..

2.03: I’m not so sure, myself ..
2.09: It’s my shield.
2.13: Why would you ask ?

Chapter 3: Love lost ..

3.01: That’s not like you at all.
3.10: Too cheesy ?
3.15: You’re being so nice today.

Chapter 4 Love chaos ..

4.02: I’m the one that’s no match for him.
4.10: I wouldn’t want to bother you.
4.15: Would you mind letting go ?

Chapter 5: Love conveys ..

5.05: I’ve never been so lost.
5.10: Would you believe I was running away ?
5.14: That’s so you.

Chapter 6: Love engraved ..

6.05: Honestly, I’m fine either way.
6.08: Aha, I look forward to that.
6.11: Now that’s lip service.

Normal end (Default) & Proposal end (+95pts)


ICON - Todo S2

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