Seo Eishi [My Sweet Proposal]


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Chapter 1: Worst first impression ever

1.01: Who are you ?
1.06: The man who created that kimono.
1.14: … Can’t be helped, I suppose.

Chapter 2: Unable to see his true face

2.03: I hand him my business card.
2.08: That would be awesome.
2.12: I’m fine.

Chapter 3: Another side of his personality

3.04: I’m sorry that I slapped you.
3.06: Are you sure you don’t mind ?
3.13: Just tell him my name and ask him to call Eishi.

Chapter 4: His true face

4.02: Don’t say anything.
4.07: I will support you.
4.13: That would be great !

Chapter 5: Swaying balance

5.04: He took good care of me.
5.08: He’s not that kind of person.
5.13: Don’t say anything.

Chapter 6: A door you shall not open

6.03: I can’t promise that.
6.07: It’s not that !
6.13: I thought you were avoiding me.

Chapter 7: Heaven and hell

7.03: Leave things as they are.
7.09: I shake my head silently.
7.14: Frankly, yes.

Chapter 8: Fallen genius

8.02: This information is wrong.
8.07: Want to stay at your side.
8.13: Not at all !

Chapter 9: The reason why a girl fights

9.05: I understand that you have hurt him.
9.08: Yes.
9.14: Don’t answer.

Chapter 10: Twisted past

10.02: Why ?
10.08: I feel the same way.
10.14: I hope so.

Chapter 11: Tragic hero

11.03: Are you sure of that ?
11.10: Did you clear things up ?
11.14: Thank you.

Normal end (Default) & True end (+160pts) & Proposal end (+200pts)


ICON - Seo

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