Sakura Ryoichi [My Sweet Proposal]

PERSO - Sakura

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Missing bride

1.05: You’re such a kidder.
1.09: Please wait !
1.13: Trust me a little more.

Chapter 2: The groom left behind

2.01: Y..You’re right ..
2.06: Are you sure I can do this ?
2.13: Are you disappointed ?

Chapter 3: Getting attached

3.04: Let’s make this a success.
3.08: No, I love it.
3.11: Why didn’t you tell me ?

Chapter 4: Why the bride disappeared

4.02: I’m a little mad.
4.07: You didn’t fool me.
4.12: If you’ll tell me everything, yes.

Chapter 5: It started with a kiss

5.03: I’ll support you whether it’s true or not.
5.09: It’s your dream, isn’t it ?
5.12: For just a bit ?

Chapter 6: Your happiness, my happiness

6.04: Are you talking about Sakura and I ?
6.06: You should have told me that !
6.14: Umh .. All by ourselves ?

Chapter 7: Clumsy lovers

7.04: T.. The same room !
7.07: That look on your face is unfair !
7.13: It’s not your fault, Sakura.

Chapter 8: Promise

8.03: Are you really Sakura ?
8.10: You’re right, I’ll do that.
8.14: I .. don’t want to run away.

Chapter 9: Just one love

9.01: I’m in love with someone else.
9.08: I don’t mind where I do it.
9.14: I think it’s a good idea, but ..

Chapter 10: What’s beyond love

10.03: Maybe I should wait outside the store.
10.08: I won’t run away.
10.13: I don’t hate it.

Chapter 11: Best wedding ever

11.05: Let’s focus on the show first.
11.09: You can’t get married alone, can you ?
11.13: I’m fine because I’m with you.

Normal end (Default) & True end (+160pts) & Proposal end (+200pts)


ICON - Sakura

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